Pastillas de freno De Cerámica Para SUZUKI GSF 1200 Bandido 2001-2005 Frontal ZPMOTO OEM De la Alta Calidad
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High Quality Ceramic Brake Pads
This item fits: SUZUKI
Package: 1 Set x Brake Pads (As in the picture)
ZP Brakes manufactures three types of brake pads specifically for scooters – organic brake pads, Red Carbon Ceramic brake pads and sintered brake pads.
Only premium non-toxic ingredients are used when these pads are manufactured which makes them an eco friendly product without compromising on quality.Excellent pads at an affortable price. Most popular choice.
Ceramic Composite brake pads deliver exceptional braking performance and operating control over a wide range of driving conditions – from daily commuting, to sport touring, to aggressive highway or street-race riding. Carbon Ceramic Road Compound pads are an evolution of the original, now with a higher carbon content. They feature good durability and performance whether hold or cold, dry or wet. They can be used on both cast iron and steel discs. The specially formulated ceramic composite provides extreme stopping power when "cold" – right out of the driveway, or "hot" – after miles of all-out mountain highway. See why experienced riders choose Ceramic Composite pads:

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Altura de Elemento 0.798cm
Tipo de material Carbon Ceramic Composite
Nombre de la marca DTRAD
Tipo de artículo Discos de freno
Peso del artículo 0.543kg
Diámetro de Elemento 6.35cm
Longitud del artículo 5.65cm
Anchura de Elemento 4.67cm
Prestaciones Brake Pads
Nombre del Modelo 188/188
Tipo de unidad Set
Peso del paquete 0.6kg (1.32lb.)
Dimensiones del paquete 8cm x 4cm x 12cm (3.15in x 1.57in x 4.72in)

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